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Handling Conveyor Equipment


Manufacturers of Package
Handling Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor Rollers with Precision and Commercial Bearings

SV’, PV’, SS’–Series

Low cost, low rolling resistance and low noise make the 30 / 40 / 50mm diameter range of steel / plastic / stainless steel rollers when fitted with the moulded polyamid / acetal caged, construction bearings suitable for use in most gravity roller applications requiring roller capacities up to 30Kg.

Steel or plastic tube


38 / 50 / 57 / 60mm diameter steel rollers having high engineering quality plastic moulded end caps assembled with free rolling Precision 61802 bearing inserts offering load capacity up to 25kg. With low noise of operation it suits use in light duty powered and non-driven roller conveyors.

Swaged ends


Conventional all-pressed-steel full complement ball race bearing construction makes this series of 50mm diameter steel roller suitable for those more robust gravity conveyor applications where roller capacity and environment demand the ability to withstand abuse, whilst offering load capacity up to 70Kg/roller.


Fully machined and case-hardened bearing components assembled in a pressed-steel housing and fitted with a cage and a shield to ensure high efficiency with good load capacity (up to 100Kg). Allows use in moderately loaded powered 50mm diameter steel roller applications.

SJ’, SJS’–Series

Heavy duty bearings with C.N.C. machined and case-hardened raceway components assembled with a cage, and can be fitted into moulded plastic (SJ’) or pressed steel housings (SJS’) to suit 60mm or 63.5mm diameter steel rollers, making this range of rollers suitable for use in powered or gravity conveyor applications requiring capacities up to 180 Kg/roller.

<< Steel (SX) or plastic (SP)

Swaged ends


Press fit bearing range having moulded polyamid housings and seals uses precision bearing (6002) fitted with bushes offering various spindle options. Available to suit 38.1/ 40mm diameter steel rollers. 38.1mm diameter can be fitted with moulded plastic taper segments to form taper rollers with load capacities up to 50Kg/roller.


Swaged 38 / 50 / 57 / 60 / 63 / 76mm diameter steel rollers assembled with moulded polyamid 6002 / 6004 / 6205 bearing housings (SP) or pressed steel housings (SX). Can be fitted with various spindle options as well as friction or positively driven plastic or steel simplex or duplex sprockets. A high quality roller assembly, offering use at high speeds with load capacity up to 125Kg/roller (6002) or 300Kg/roller (6205).

Rounded tube ends

Available with moulded plastic taper segments to form taper rollers.


Press fit 60mm or 63.5mm diameter steel rollers with moulded end caps all as specified in SPS’ series above, except it offers better load capacity for those more abusive or longer roller applications.

Press fit bearings


Heavy duty (up to 300Kg/roller) all steel swaged end cap style. To suit use in 60mm or 63.5mm diameter steel rollers. Can be fitted with various spindle options. Used for all heavy-duty gravity or powered applications and when fitted with stub axles makes an ideal roller for use in pallet live storage racking.


Used for most heavily loaded unit load applications, requiring capacities up to 400Kg./roller. Fitted with 6205 precision bearings and moulded end caps. Various mounting arrangements are available to suit the required fixing. Can be fitted with sprockets to create a powered roller conveyor for the most arduous duty.